Picking the Right Flowers for Each Milestone Anniversary

  • Aug, 21 , 22
  • Thanks A Bunch Florist

Get these special milestone anniversary flowers to surprise your loved one or send these out to a couple that’s celebrating one.

An anniversary is a special celebration commemorating the commitment and journey that you have been through with your special one. Out of all the possible gifts, you can get for your significant other, flowers are considered a sentimental gesture. This is why it has become traditional to give out these special anniversary flowers corresponding to each milestone wedding anniversary. 

If you aren’t sure of the flower that corresponds to your milestone anniversary, read on to find out what it is and what it signifies. But before you go ahead and find out what flowers to give out, consider these factors too to add to the sentiment. 

Tips to Make the Gift More Personal

  • Variety: Just because it’s a milestone anniversary, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to a single type of flower. Feel free to add extras to the bouquet including some of your partner’s favourite flowers.
  • Colour: Even flowers of the same kind come in different colours, and each of these colours often signifies very different things. Since each milestone anniversary is also represented by a colour. 
  • Style: Once you have gotten your bouquets sorted out, consider adding in some flavour with some traditional anniversary gifts. Let your style and love language be represented by the gift. More personal- the better!

  • 1st Anniversary Flowers: Carnations 



    1st Anniversary Flowers

    Just like with the first birth month flower, Carnations signify the first completion of a year of marriage with your loved one. As a couple, your first anniversary would be dear and remembered throughout the rest of your life just like your wedding day.

    Carnations are traditionally considered the first-anniversary gifts. They symbolise distinction, admiration, love, and purity. The traditional symbolic gift for the first-ever anniversary is paper, which signifies connectivity and bond (like the threads in paper), and a blank and fresh slate symbolising an exciting new life ahead.

    Consider pairing a note to your loved one with red or pink carnations to add a personal touch.






    2nd Anniversary Flowers: Cosmos

    2nd Anniversary Flowers


    The bright-coloured and sweet-scented cosmos flower is the 2nd-anniversary flower. Due to its resemblance to the light of the sun, it’s often associated with fierce love, passion and creativity. Cosmos flowers come in different colours too. 

    Since the traditional colour for the 2nd anniversary is red, pair a red-coloured cosmos flower with something cotton (The traditional gift for the 2nd anniversary symbolising strength and resilience.) A cotton bow around the bouquet would be ideal to celebrate your 2nd anniversary meaningfully.




    3rd Anniversary Flowers: Sunflowers

    3rd Anniversary FlowersBright as the sun, and fresh as daylight, the sunflower symbolises loyalty, longevity, and adoration for the 3rd year of marriage. From its name, the ‘sun’ represents the speck of light after challenging times.

    Traditionally, the material of gift for the 3rd anniversary is leather, style your bouquet or vase with an accent of leather. This symbolises the strength, flexibility, and warmth of a relationship. 







    4th Anniversary Flowers: Geranium

    4th Anniversary Flowers

    The spectacular geranium flower, which stands to signify the unification of two people in spirit, mind, and body, is the traditional milestone anniversary flower for the 4th year. 

    Since the traditional material for the fourth wedding anniversary is silk or linen, feel free to add in a touch of fabric to your bouquet or vase. Red geraniums are ideal to represent the love and bond you’ve shared together over the past 4 years.










    5th Anniversary Flowers: Daisies


    5th Annversary Flowers

    Commemorating the completion of half a decade together, daisies are the traditional anniversary flowers for the 5th year of marriage. They represent purity, love, and innocence.

    While white is the most common colour you might find daisies in, since blue and pink are the traditional colours for the fifth year consider opting for such accents. Add them into a wooden vase to signify the durability and longevity of the marriage.








    10th Anniversary Flowers: Daffodils 

    10th Anniversary Flowers

    The completion of a decade together is often celebrated with a touch of daffodils. Gift daffodils to your loved one or a couple that’s celebrating their 10th anniversary, and just like the flowers themselves, wish them a lasting and resilient marriage.

    These flowers that represent regeneration and renewal convey joy. Pair it up with a touch of tin, the traditional gifting material for the 10th anniversary. Give preference to blue and silver, the traditional 10th-anniversary colours when picking out a vase for your flowers.








    15th Anniversary Flowers: Roses

    15th Anniversary Flowers

    Let’s be honest; we were waiting to see roses on this list, right? No flower can symbolise love and romance as much as roses do. Express your deepest feelings of love to your significant other with a couple of roses on your 15th Anniversary together.

    ‘Crystals’ are the traditional gifts on the 15th anniversary. Add an accent of crystal to your special roses, and connote the passion and love is long-lasting and ever living.









    20th Anniversary Flowers: Asters

    20th Anniversary Flowers- Aster flowers

    The monumental completion of 2 decades of marriage is often celebrated with some asters. They signify purity, innocence, wisdom, love, and faith. The aster is also symbolic of the Greek goddess of love, Venus, a perfect representation of everlasting love.

    Emerald or China platinum can be paired with your flowers for the 20th anniversary.









    25th Anniversary Flowers: Iris

    25th Anniversary Flowers- Asters

    Iris flowers denote wisdom, faith, and hope. They are the traditional flowers for the celebration of a quarter of a century together. Iris flowers have been considered a symbol of love, appreciation and sentiment. Each of their colours mean different things as well. 

    Silver is the material correspondent to the 25th milestone anniversary.













    30th Anniversary Flowers: Lily

    30th Anniversary Flowers - Lilies

    Known for their symbolism of magnificence and devotion, lilies lend themselves the perfect 30th anniversary flowers. Celebrate the occasion of 3 decades together, with a bouquet of lilies and take a moment to look back at the moments you’ve spent together over the past 30 years.

    Pearls, often considered a symbol of beauty and maturity, are the traditional gifts for the 30th anniversary. You can pair your fresh-cut lilies with jewellery or a mother-of-pearl vase.









    40th Anniversary Flowers: Gladiolus

    40th Anniversary Flowers - Gladiolus flowers

    What better way to tell your loved one that they pierce your heart with their love than the gladiolus flowers with the sword-shaped leaves? Red Gladiolus would make an excellent pick since they symbolise romance and passionate love.

    Celebrate 4 decades together with a bouquet comprising of gladiolus flowers and a touch of red ruby, the traditional colour and material for the monumental anniversary.











    50th Anniversary Flowers: Yellow Roses and Violets

    50th Anniversary Flowers - Yellow Roses

    A combination of these magnificent flowers would make the perfect symbolism for the interwoven lives of two people. Celebrate the prosperous marriage marking half a century of light and beauty with yellow roses and a touch of violets.

    The 50th anniversary should be a grand celebration and as if it was destined, gold is the traditional material for the 50th anniversary. Consider a grand celebration with your loved one with a touch of gold and yellow!

    That’s the end of our list, but we wish you many more prosperous years of love together! Flowers were and will forever be considered personal and sentimental gifts. 

    If your wedding anniversary is around the corner, consider picking your favourite milestone anniversary flowers here at Thanks a Bunch Florist. Enjoy our same-day delivery service and rest assured, your anniversary celebrations would be as special as can be!