Discover Your Birth Month Flower and What it Means

  • Aug, 08 , 22
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Long before Instagram, messages and phone calls, flowers were used to communicate one’s feelings and emotions. Floriography, the language of flowers spread far and wide during the 18th and 19th centuries and even to this day, flowers are the special code language to a person’s heart.

It can be for a family with a new-born, for you special one, for your kids, parents, or siblings, giving flowers on their birthdays is a very thoughtful and meaningful gesture. But, to make your birthday gifts more personal, did you know that you could send flowers that specifically have a connection to their birth month? Yes! For each year of the calendar, there’s a certain type of flower that you can give to your loved ones for an added sense of specialty.

At a time when a floral gesture can replace hundreds of words, we think birth month flowers should be common knowledge. Let’s find out what your birth month flower is, what it means and what it has to say about you. 

January Birth Month Flower- Carnation & Snowdrop

Carnations Birth Month Flower

Traditionally, the soft-shaded Carnations and Snowdrops are considered the birth flowers for the month of January. Carnations and Snowdrops blossom in the winter months, making these magnificent florals a bright spot in the gloom of winter. 

Carnations are a symbol of distinction, admiration, love, and purity, and depending on the colour you choose they could mean a few things. For example, you could denote simple love with a pink carnation as opposed to deep love with a darker shade of red.

Snowdrops on the other hand are small, droopy white flowers that symbolise innocence and purity just like how they look and as opposed to how they look, they are also a symbol of hope and rebirth!

February Birth Month Flower- Violet and Primrose


Violets Birth Month Flower

Almost! Who thought with Valentine’s on the 14th day of February, that roses wouldn’t be the birth month for February? But, these purple blossoms of Violet flowers aren’t second to roses either. 

They symbolise faithfulness, humility, modesty, and also spiritual wisdom! Back in the Victorian age, violets were used to denote loyalty and thoughtfulness, and even to this day, they are a wonderful reminder of the same.

Primroses are also considered February’s birth flower. These yellow perennials make a wonderful gift for a significant other as they symbolise young love. Since these flowers are edible, they are often used to add colour to our trays of treats.

March Birth Month Flower- Daffodils

Daffodils Birth Month Flower

What’s spring without a touch of the yellow daffodils? The cheerful daffodils are often considered the birth month flower for people born in March, the first month of Spring in the northern hemisphere. Pity, here in Australia we’ll not see fresh blooms until mid-winter or well into September.

Among other things, these tiny drops of sunshine are used to represent unparalleled love, new beginnings, happiness, and most importantly, that the sun will keep shining as long as your loved ones are around you. There are multiple varieties of daffodils, from white and orange to shades of yellow.




April Birth Month Flower- Daisy and Sweet Pea

Daisies Birth Month Flower

The classic white blossom Daisies and the beautiful Sweet Pea flowers are the birth month flowers for April. 

Like with most things white, daisies represent purity, pure love, and innocence. Fun fact: Daisies were once known as “day’s eye” since the daisy petals would fold around the centre upon nightfall and reopen to reveal their white to pink shades with daylight. Daisies also symbolise undying love.

The frilled sweet peas are the other kind of florals for the month of April. Known for their sweet scent, these flowers are often used to give homes a spring-ey vibe. Giving Sweet peas would mean blissful pleasure.

May Birth Month Flower- Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

Lilly of the Valley Birth Month Flower

The month of May is often associated with the Lily of the Valley and the Hawthorn flowers.

The white Lily of the Valley has multiple blossoms bunched up in a single stem. This dainty flower is a symbol of motherhood, humility, and sweetness. This makes them a suitable and special gift for your mother on her birthday, and if she’s a May-born too, twice as much!

On the other hand, the tiny blossoms of Hawthorns, known for their berries that are used to add colour are symbolic of hope. They are often mentioned in connection with fairies.




June Birth Month Flower- Roses and Honeysuckle

Roses Birth Month Flower

Now, to what should have been the birth flower of February, the well-known rose! Roses are a favourite around the world and have been so for ages due to their unmatched beauty and fragrance. We think roses deserve their spot right in the middle of the year!

Roses are usually associated with passionate love, beauty and respect but since you can get roses in a rainbow of colours, you can use different shades to express different emotions. The yellow rose is a classical symbol of friendship whereas the more common red represents passionate love.

We wouldn’t let that overshadow the other June flower, Honeysuckles. Since you wouldn’t find them frequently used in your bouquets, Honeysuckles are often less known. They grow in shrubs and vines and attract butterflies. 


July Birth Month Flower- Larkspur and Water Lily

Larkspur Birth Month Flower

Grace your July-born loved ones with Delphiniums, Larkspurs and Water Lilies, the birth flowers for the month of July.

Often confused with each other, the very closely related Delphiniums and Larkspurs are symbols of fickleness, positivity, happiness and dignity. Just like with roses, the meanings of the Delphinium given to your loved ones would mean different things.

Similar to lotuses, Water lilies are sprouts that stay afloat on water and they bloom all year in tropical frost-free regions and in summer and spring in temperate areas Australia. These unique flowers symbolise purity and birth.




August Birth Month Flower- Gladiolus and Poppy

Poppy Flower Birth Month Flower

The long and skinny sword lilies (Gladiolus) and the well-known poppy flowers are the birth month flowers for August. Sword lilies can be found in a variety of colours and usually symbolise a strong character, integrity and infatuation.

The poppy on the other hand, known for being worn on Armistice Day in countries around the world for those who lost their lives in World War I signifies imagination.


September Birth Month Flower- Aster and Morning Glory 

Asters Birth Month Flower

For all the September-borns is a flower symbolising wisdom, valour, royalty, love and affection. Asters that come in a variety of eye-catching colours are the birth month flowers for the month of September.

The Morning Glory that opens up every morning to reveal its beautiful star-like centres is the other flower often associated with the month of September. These blossoms also signify unrequited love.




October Birth Month Flower- Marigold and Cosmos

Marigold Birth Month Flower

The all-yellow Marigold, due its resemblance to the light from the sun compliments the October-borns. Because of this similarity, the Marigold flower often signifies fierce love, creativity and warmth. This flower is often used to heal inflammations and skin problems due to its medicinal benefits.

The Cosmos flower is a symbol of order, peace and balance. They are bright coloured and often take shades of orange, pink and purple. If you are fond of having bees in your garden (which I think you shouldn’t be unless of course food pollination benefits) consider having a few cosmos plants to draw them into your garden (or your October–born friend’s!)



November Birth Month Flower- Chrysanthemum

The bright and cheery Chrysanthemums (aka “mums”) are the flowers for people born in November. 

Chrysanthemum Birth Month Flower

A bouquet of this unique flower that blooms in different sizes and colours mostly in shades of red, yellow, white and pink are often significant for their association with loyalty and honesty. Due to the wide range of colours they are available in, different shades would mean different things as well.







December Birth Month Flower- Narcissus and Holly

Narcissus Birth Month Flower

With the Christmas season, and the year coming to an end, it’s no wonder Holly is one of the birth month flowers for December. Holly flowers are said to be protected by their poisonous berries and often associated with legends that say that hollies protect from lightning, thunder and witchcraft. On the bright side, these flowers symbolise the joyous celebrations of the season signifying cheer and enthusiasm.

The Narcissus, more commonly known as daffodils are the other kind of florals often associated with the month of December. They have a symbolic meaning of rebirth and new beginnings.

That was a lot of seasons and flowers to go through at a time! But we have all year to send them to our loved ones and let them know what their birth month flowers are and what it signifies. For all your special birthdays, treat yourself and your loved ones with these special birth month flowers even before they find out what theirs are.

It doesn’t matter if some of these flowers are out of season when you need them the most. We will deliver it to you, in bouquets and in arrangements for all your special occasions.