Peonies are Around the Corner! Here's Everything you Need to Know.

  • Aug, 14 , 22
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Peonies are classical garden flowers known for their fragrance and their vibrant and bold appearance. Here are some interesting lesser-known facts about Peonies. 

What’s a walk in the garden in late spring without the scent of Peonies? Peonies are excellent garden flowers that bloom in November in Melbourne, Australia. They are known for being excellent thrivers. They are popular around the world and have a long and elegant history.

Peonies come in a variety of colours and sizes except for blue with some varieties growing as large as 10 inches wide. Famous traveler and merchant Marco Polo said Peonies are “roses as big as cabbages.” Peonies plants can last more than 100 years.

Here are a few facts about Peonies that you probably never knew.


1. Symbolic Significance of Peonies.

The traditional 12th Wedding anniversary flowers, Peonies are symbolic of a lot of things. Peonies are used as a symbol of wealth, romance, love, and honour and often are considered a good omen and a sign of a happy marriage.

Because of their symbolism, Peonies are a common choice in bridal flower bouquets. In Chinese and Japanese culture, Peonies are used to signify virtues like honour, bravery, nobility and prosperity. Interestingly, these flowers were also once regarded as symbols of shame and shyness.


2. Historical Significance of Peonies. 

With being dubbed with an attractive personality of their own, it’s no wonder that Peonies have a long-standing admiration that even goes back to the ancient Greek era. It is believed that the Peony flower was named after Paeon, a student of Asclepius, who was considered as the Greek god of medicine and healing.

One of the narratives in Greek mythology speaks about how Paeon used to be regarded as the healer of gods and how it led to him being turned into a Peony flower. Apparently, his teacher Asclepius wasn’t very fond of the recognition Paeon was getting after having cured a wound for Zeus with a Peony flower. To save Paeon from the jealousy, it is said that Zeus turned him into a Peony flower.

In Chinese history, Peonies were considered their national flower. It was grown in imperial courts as early as the 7th Century B.C before spreading to Japan, France, England and the USA. In 1957, Peonies were honored with becoming the state flower of Indiana, United States.


peony flowers

3. Peonies Have Medicinal Properties

Peonies roots and seeds have been used in medicine by the traditional Chinese for centuries. The Chinese named it ‘Sho Yu’ meaning “most beautiful” considering the vibrance and importance this flower has. Today, studies have proven that Peony plants boost the immune system and help with boosting the mood as well. 

Parts of the Peony plant are usually used for treating liver diseases, convulsions, asthma, headaches and other ailments. Now only in Chinese medicine, even the Europeans have been using Peonies as herbal medicine for ailments concerning the urinary system. In large amounts however, Peonies can cause temporary gastrointestinal issues in both people and animals.


4. They Last a Long Time

Not only are these flowers the “most beautiful” they are also known for how long they last. Plant them in your garden and they will last over 100 years. Even cut Peonies would last a week or two when put in a vase.

A single bloom of Peony would last around 7-10 days and they are known to bloom out in direct sunlight or slight shade. The flowers often attract ants, and these ants help keep other pests away from the beautiful petals of these flowers. 


5. Alaska is Becoming the Hub for Millions of Cut Peonies.

One of the most common peony varieties that are requested by name is the ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ variety, known for the pink supple double blooming petals. These flowers are popular during the wedding seasons.

Just like we learned with Tulips, the largest cut peony producers in the world are the Hollanders. However, a farther land, Alaska, is gaining recognition for their larger blooms despite its cooler growing season. Peony growers in Alaska say that the “cabbage-like roses” bloom larger when they have enough time to grow through the slight cold season.


Good news is you don’t have to be in Alaska to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the Peony petals! When they are back in season in November, we will be out here selling the best Peonies in Melbourne and adding these “most beautiful” flowers to your bouquets and arrangements. Stay excited and get it delivered using our same day Flower delivery service in Melbourne!