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Coloured Phalaenopsis Orchid

$69.00 $99.00

The ideal gift when you're not sure what to buy your friend or loved one. A low maintenance indoor plant known for its longevity and unique colour patterns. Single spiked coloured Phalaenopsis with vase included.

Winter Everlasting


Inspired by the enchanting chill of a snow-capped winter, this everlasting design is filled with icy pink and plum ming fern, mauve hydrangeas and bunny tails, delicately arranged in ceramic miso pot.

Christmas Crate of Flowers


Arranged in a frosty wooden crate, this floral design is filled with Red LA lilies, singapore orchids & lush greenery. Our crate of flowers stands at 50cm high & 36cm wide.

Palm & Hydie


Palm & Hydie


Elegantly and delicately designed, palm & Hydie is filled with an array of preserved flowers that include hydrangeas, fan palm, brome, asparagus fern and Ming fern. Standing 80 cm in H & 42cm in W.

Christmas Wreath


Wish someone a Merry Christmas with our Christmas Wreath! Decorated with a selection of dried preserved flowers that include gum and hydrangeas, our wreaths are the perfect decorative addition. Diameter of wreath: 30cm.

Hydie Christmas Bouquet


Filled with dried preserved flowers that include silver and gold hydrangeas, white ming fern and red brome. Delicately wrapped in Christmas red mesh and adorned with gold ribbon.

Native Willow


Native Willow


Modernly grouped, our willow basket features cascading gum, wax, silvan red, banksia and proteas. Our Native Willow stands at 60cm in H & 55cm in W.

Small Christmas Suitcase Hamper


Wish someone a Merry Christmas with our selection of Christmas Hampers. Our small hamper includes 150g freeze dried strawberry chocolates, 200g coconut rough, 125g lindt chocolate & a dried flower Christmas arrangement.

Large Christmas Suitcase Hamper


Wish someone a Merry Christmas with our selection of Christmas Hampers. Our large hamper includes a festive tea-towel, a bon-bon surprise, 30 hr vanilla scented candle & a potted Christmas flower arrangement.

Potted Christmas Tree


Give the gift of a real Christmas Tree this Christmas! Our ceramic potted pine tree stands at 65cm high & 26cm wide. Ribboned pot dimensions: 20cm x 23cm. Decorations aren't included.


Christmas is truly a magical time of year – and one of the most beautiful ways to celebrate is to fill your home with Christmas flowers. At Thanks A Bunch Florist, we create breathtaking Christmas floral arrangements, bouquets and other seasonal favourites for an unforgettable Christmas celebration.