How should wedding flowers be preserved?

  • Dec, 16 , 22
  • Thanks A Bunch Florist

Wedding flowers are a symbol of love and commitment, numerous couples enjoy preserving their blooms to look back on after the celebrations are finished because flowers are a significant component of many weddings. They are such a lovely keepsake of the event that they will be cherished always.

You will most likely feel bad about trashing your wedding flowers at the end of the wedding night. So you should definitely consider wedding flower preservation, but you'll need to get ready in advance!

Continue reading to learn all of your options for how to preserve wedding flowers, whether you want to hire a professional or dry the flowers yourself.

  • Drying Wedding Flowers - You can preserve your bridal flowers using this method, which is one of the simplest and you will not need any special advice or skills. Here is how: Put them in a dry, dark place in your house and hang them upside down with some string. Your bouquet can be hung as a single unit, but depending on its size, you might find that breaking it up into smaller bunches will help it dry more quickly. The particular design of your bouquet will definitely change as a result, but you'll probably get far better outcomes and a lower risk of a moldy middle!

  • Pressed wedding flowers - A great, simple method of flower preservation is pressing. Despite losing their initial shape, they now have a certain appeal. If you don't already have a flower press kit, pick a thick, weighty book (like a dictionary or encyclopedia) that will be heavy enough to press the flowers flat. Put the flowers in the middle of the book, in between two pages, and press them hard or keep them pressed by the weight of the books. If they are still not entirely dry after two weeks, press them again. Finally, when the flowers are dried, you can frame them or use them for your phone cases as well.
      1. Freezing wedding flowers - Even though freeze-drying is the most expensive option, your wedding bouquet will look astonishingly similar to how it did on the day of your wedding. This technique should be carried out by experts because it is quite time-consuming. The bouquet will first be starch-sprayed, after which the moisture will be gradually removed by freezing the flowers. This process takes nearly two or three months.
      2. Resin Flowers - This is also one of the best ways to preserve wedding flowers. First, adhere to the preceding process for drying flowers and then find a suitable container, fill it halfway with the epoxy resin liquid, and arrange the flowers inside once they have completely dried. Completely fill the container, then leave it to dry. Once the procedure is over, you'll have a special item. You have the choice of coasters, a paper weight, book ends, or stand-up letters. It is recommended to study this whole process before you start to resin your flowers or else you'll end up destroying your flowers..
  • Drying with silica gel - Most of you will be familiar with this gel. This is the same gel that is found when we buy brand new shoes or purses. Basically, this absorbs all the moisture around it. Here is how: In an airtight container (it can be any container), create a base of crystals, then arrange your flowers on top of the crystals. Pour the silica gel all the way around the petals, making sure to get it in every crevice. Completely fill the container, then cover it with a lid. After the procedure is over, wait over a week before removing it and setting it with hairspray.
  • Hopefully, you are sufficiently motivated and prepared to research your alternatives. No matter which route you choose, preparedness is essential! In order to preserve flowers as effectively as possible, it is best to take action as soon as feasible. The day following your wedding, you might send them off to a preserver, or you might hang them up to dry as soon as you can.

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