6 creative ways to give flowers on valentines day

  • Jan, 20 , 23
  • Thanks A Bunch Florist

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and you know what that means: it's time to find a creative way to express your love for that special someone. Sure, you could give them a bouquet of roses like everyone else on V-Day, but where's the romance in that? 

 Instead, why not give your beloved something unique and extra special this February 14th? If you're looking to go beyond the traditional bouquet of blooms, I'm here to help! 

 In this article,you will find six creative ways to give flowers on Valentine's Day - with options ranging from the timelessly classic to the delightfully unexpected.

  1. Gift a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant with fresh herbs to add a bit of personal touch and some greenery to your significant other’s home, it can also be used later in cooking for some added flavor and fragrance. Giving potted herbs like rosemary, thyme which symbolizes affection and loyalty, or a bouquet of basil, which expresses passion and love. It can be taken consideration of planting herbs in a decorative pot and adding a personalized ribbon or a tag to make the gift extra unique and meaningful.

  2. Make a gift basket with a flower motif. Giving flowers on Valentine's Day may be meaningful and special when done in a floral-themed gift basket. A basket can be filled with a variety of things, including a bunch of flowers, candles with a floral aroma, soaps, lotions, and teas, and accompanied by a box of chocolate or other things with a floral theme. For an added unique touch, think about including a personalized note or love letter. Even the basket itself can be customized. For example, instead of using a standard wicker basket, you might use a lovely ceramic pot, a glass jar, or a reusable tote bag.

  3. Create a batch of cosmetics infused with flowers. If your loved one enjoys pampering themselves, think about giving them a handcrafted batch of cosmetic goods with floral infusions. A range of products, including rosewater toner, lavender bath salts, and elderflower body scrub, can be made. To make the gift even more memorable, place the goods in a lovely jar or container and add a custom label or ribbon. To complete the spa experience, you can add a bundle of items for unwinding, such as a fragrant candle, a cozy bathrobe, or a plush towel.

  4. Give someone a flower delivery service membership. A continuing gift that your loved one can use all year long is a subscription to a floral delivery service. You have two options: you may go with a service that regularly delivers bouquets of roses, like once a week or once a month; or you can go with one that sends a variety of flowers and plants. Your loved one will be able to delight in the beauty and joy of fresh flowers all year long in this way.

  5. Attend a workshop or class on flower arrangement. If the recipient of your present is artistic and enjoys working with flowers, think about giving them a workshop or class in flower arranging. There are many programs and workshops in your neighborhood, or you may think about hiring a private instructor to come to your house. This present is not only considerate, but it also offers your loved one the chance to develop new skills and strengthen relationships with the natural world. Even taking the course or workshop together would be a fun and romantic idea.

  6. Include flowers in a memorable trip or event. Consider including flowers in a memorable trip or event rather than just sending them as a gift. Take your loved one on a tour of a nearby flower farm or botanical garden, for instance, to learn more about the many flower species and their symbolic significance. A couples massage at a spa that employs products or oils infused with flowers is another option, as is organizing a lunch in a lovely outdoor setting surrounded by flowers. There are countless options to get romantic gifts; just make sure to pick something that fits the hobbies and preferences of your loved one.

In conclusion, there are a variety of original methods to celebrate Valentine's Day with flowers. Your loved one is likely to appreciate the attention and work you put into making the day special, whether you offer a potted plant, put together a gift basket with a floral theme, or include flowers in a special adventure or experience. When it comes to flower delivery, don't be scared to get inventive and look outside the vase; what matters most is that your gesture is sincere. Therefore, these are the six original ways to gift flowers on Valentine's Day that will undoubtedly make your significant other feel cherished and special.

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